Why organic?

All clothes made in organic cotton and certified by General Organics Textile Standard (GOTS) are produced in an environmental-friendly way and in fair social conditions, ensuring their reduced impact in nature and in human health, for they reduce the direct exposition to dangerous chemicals. 

Organic Production

Conventional cotton production is one of the most pollutants on the planet, using intensively toxic and synthetic chemicals, such as: fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. It is estimated that this type of production is responsible for about 25% of world’s herbicide consuming and 10 % of world’s pesticides consuming.

These synthetic chemicals cause serious environmental and health problems in the long run, contaminating the soil and water lines, ending up in the human food chain. Farmers and their families are permanently exposed to these aggressive chemicals, which brings serious consequences to their health.

Organic cotton production doesn’t use fertilizers, pesticides or chemically synthetic herbicides. Soil is naturally fertilized and conserved by rotation of cultures. Weeds are removed physically and a natural ecological balance is maintained, which allows a better control of “pests” with insects. Organic cotton production guarantees a better production for small farmers.

Without Dangerous Chemicals

Textile industry is one of the most pollutants in the world. During all process of conventional cotton production (spinning, dyeing and stamping, etc.) aggressive chemical agents are commonly used, those chemicals may contain, among others, arylamines, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals (nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt, etc.), that are harmful to human beings, some of them potentially carcinogens. 

In GOTS certified organic clothing, these hazardous chemicals are prohibited, with strict control throughout the production process

Environmental Friendly Factories

Organic products certified by GOTS are produced in environment-friendly factories. In those selected factories there is a strong control of waste, which can’t be thrown back into nature without any treatment. Factories have to keep a rigorous record of all process, being regularly audited by independent entities.

Fair Working Conditions

To obtain GOTS certification, factories must respect tight social criteria, ensuring that their workers are treated fairly, have safe working conditions, do not work excessive hours and receive an adequate salary, in accordance with ILO (International Labour Organization). When you buy an organic product certified by GOTS, you have the guarantee that it was ethically produced, without human exploitation.

What is GOTS Certification?

GOTS certification is the most restrict certification in the market for organic products, integrating all stages of textile process, since the production of the fiber to the finished product. The cotton used is certified as being biologically produced and all processes of manufacturing involved are inspected. This way, it is assured the traceability of all process, guarantying to the consumer that all clothes are produced with environmental and health friendly chemicals, in factories that respect fair social criteria. Know more about GOTS certification:


The Importance of GOTS Certification
Only GOTS certification of the final organic product assures that all process was respected. The simple reference to organic cotton in itself doesn’t guarantee that the manufacturing process is clean and took place in factories that don’t exploit human beings.